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Sea Creatures: Life Beneath the Ocean.

Sea Creatures: Life Beneath The Oceans, is an indoor spectacular, a museum style exhibition
containing over 20 full body plastinates and over 80 plastinated organs.

Majestic sea creatures, interactive Augmented reality APP, Immersive 9D Virtual Reality experience, Double world record minke whale on display, interactive ball pit game for kids, magical walk through holographic gates and a cinema. Come to Learn and play under one exhibition.

This exhibition is packed with 50 full body, real specimens, 150 body parts and organs and an interactive digital show. Creatures invites family audiences to explore and truly understand marine life, conserving marine species and raise awareness of marine conservation.

An immersive and interactive experience, Sea Creatures is the most comprehensive touring exhibition ever created on this hugely popular topic. Never in human history has our appetite for knowledge about the blue planet been so inquisitive.

This exhibition aims to inspire young people to learn about life beneath the oceans, uncover
amazing scientific facts and explore over 100 displays showcasing the anatomy of Sea Creatures
large and small. For adults, it is an eye-opening walk through experience, which will educate and
entertain in equal measure, offering a rare chance to get up close and personal with creatures never
displayed before in the UK. A truly unforgettable experience for all!

  • Cities: London, Edinburgh, Harrogate
  • Years: 2018
  • Category: Exhibition

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